At MissionSide, we understand that customer experience is defined by the service delivered on every contact.  Balancing the need to deliver high quality, highly consistent service with the need to be efficient as possible and invest your budget wisely, it is critically important to accurately forecast and schedule resources.  A useful first step in understanding your resource needs is to estimate the number of agents required each month to achieve your targeted service levels.  Budgets, seat and site counts, support staff, telecommunications, IT infrastructure/software/hardware, recruiting and training all rely heavily on your forecasted agent headcount.  

 To assist you in getting a baseline understanding of your phone agent needs and what options are available at various service levels, our workforce management experts have created an agent headcount estimator for your use…free of charge.  

Crafting and forecasting an integrated omni-channel communication strategy is a complex undertaking involving dozens of variables, including sophisticated volume modeling, the integration of attrition, new-hire training; additional channels such as chat and digital channels including web sites and social media, email, postal; outbound calling, and recruiting plans. 

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In addition to creating a comprehensive and customized omni-channel resource and staffing plan, our experts can assist you with managing outsourced or contracted contact center vendors, reviewing contact center vendor proposals, designing workforce management organizational structures including Standard Operating Procedures, as well as development of contact center Requests for Proposal.