MissionSide assists Federal Agencies insure that their direct interactions with constituents, whether through marketing campaigns, human-staffed contact centers, or self-help tools, are consistent with a larger agency communication and customer digital strategies that: 

(1) Provide consistent and culturally-sensitive messaging across all programs and interaction channels;

(2)  Evolve from providing basic transaction commodity services (e.g. scripted agent responses) to operational value-added services (e.g. improved voice and sentiment analysis, natural language self-help and chat bots) and continue to evolve as a critical component of an Agency’s enterprise-wide communication strategy (e.g. integrating AI based self-help tools and digital strategies into the Agency’s enterprise -wide communication program);

(3) Are delivered the most cost-efficient manner possible;

(4) Continue to evolve as changes occur in technology advances, constituent communication channel preferences, and agency appetites, budgets, and timelines.